Brothers Working Young Men in The Community


Words of wisdom from Alpha Chi Sigma Brother Jeffrey Brown developed a “believe mentorship program” for Faine Elementary, where students are learning to recognize a great future is ahead of them. The goal is simple, to uplift and shape young boys into good citizens.
The 4th through 6th graders are encouraged to dress up on Wednesdays to make them feel proud of who they are.

Organizer Bro. Jeffrey Brown says he wants the students to understand who they are as a person is valued inside and outside the classroom.
Bro. Brown states “All of us come with different types of challenges, all of us come with different types of emotional strain in the community, but my whole purpose of this is just let them know that we’re here for you,”
Bro. Jeffrey Brown, Physical Education Aid at Faine Elementary; hopes to expand the initiative through activities and community projects for the boys to take part in.

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